Getting started...

All that is required for membership is to be expecting or already have twins, triplets or more, be willing to participate and pay annual membership dues.

To get started, simply fill out the "Join Today" form on the right . You will receive an email from "Big Tent" with a link to complete your membership information and pay your dues. 

Membership types

Membership under 5- For those with twins or triplets under 5,   $37.00 per year.

HOTT Moms- Have older twins or triplets. For those whose multiples are 5 years of age or older. $26.00

Have Questions? Feel free to contact us at

The  benefits of an EdMoMs Membership!

  • Access to our online forum. Get advice from veteran twin and triplet moms from everything from pregnancy questions to potty training and beyond!
  • Friendship and connection to other amazing ladies!
  • Meal Delivery Program for new moms and those in need due to illness or other emergencies.
  • Snack Pack Program for parents with babies in the NICU
  • Preemie Clothes Closet- A selection of preemie clothes that members may borrow.
  • Library- A large selection of pregnancy and parenting books available for check out.
  • Monthly Mom's Nights Out
  • Book Club
  • Bunco Group
  • Family Social Events -Spring Egg Hunt, Summer Swim Party, Harvest and Holiday Parties
  • Mothers Holiday Ornament Exchange
  • Playgroups and play dates
  • Walking Group
  • Clothing and Equipment Sale- Membership allows you to participate in our semi-annual sale.  You may sell your used baby and children's clothing, toys, equipment and maternity clothing on a consignment basis.

Serving Mothers of multiples in El Dorado, Placer and sacramento Counties since 1997